Enhance Your Healthcare Facility’s Efficiency With All Purpose.

Our primary focus is on optimizing the operational efficiency of your healthcare facility while eliminating the burden of F-Tags and ensuring the best clinical outcomes for your patients.
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We offer a wide range of services designed to meet your unique needs, from on-site PM & ESF checks to innovative digital solutions

Preventative Maintenance and ESF Check Visits
Our primary focus is on ensuring that your healthcare facility operates at peak performance.
Streamline Equipment Management
Efficiently managing your equipment lifecycle is crucial for cost control and seamless operations.


Lease-to-Own Program for Concentrators

We're excited to introduce a groundbreaking offering that allows you to lease-to-own concentrators. This flexible and cost-effective program ensures that you can acquire essential equipment without straining your budget. This means your facility can meet patient needs efficiently while maintaining financial stability.
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All Purpose partners with your healthcare facility to achieve excellence in healthcare management

At All Purpose, we offer a proactive approach to equipment maintenance, safeguarding your facility's reputation, and ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes for your patients. Our innovative digital solutions and the lease-to-own program for concentrators reflect our dedication to delivering cutting-edge services that meet your facility's evolving needs.
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Proactive Maintenance Solutions For Your Medical Equipment.

18+ Years of Experience
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